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  • 1308 Brewing Technology (Beijing)Co., Ltd. was established as Technology and Brewing Service Company to support current and new customers in all aspects around German beer, beer production and planning from microbreweries to industrial scale facilities.

  • The team comprises of experienced brew masters, brewing technology engineers, marketing and sales professionals and people with broad knowledge and skills of the beer industry. We are ready to offer their professional expertise and technical know-how to help prospective investors or partners in brewing fine quality German beer, offering in-depth knowledge and guidance regarding the beer brewing equipment selection and set up, and procurement of top range imported raw materials for beer.

  • We hold exclusive rights to produce beer in bottles and can’s for the P.R. China, RO Korea, India and Russia namely Fuerst Carl and Drei Kronen 1308. We work closely with our brewery partners whether it is a new project or to enhance existing operation to have the best set up, design layout of brewery, efficient operation, highest standard of hygiene, produce top quality beer, and support in marketing the products. We cater to any request for brew service or licensing ranging from Microbreweries (Craft Breweries) to large scale industrial production.​