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Drei Kronen 1308

A kingly privilege since 1308​

Drei Kronen 1308 Brauerei:

  • Founded in the year 1308, with more than 700 years of brewing tradition
  • One of the oldest breweries in the world!
  • The oldest heritage Brewery in the world! Since several hundred years private owned by the “Gerner” family
  • Has ancient rights granted by the King. The oldest and only remaining “Free Appointed Brewery” in the world!
  • To serve only the “Right Royal Mug” .Glass for Glass Royal Enjoyment since 1308
  • Golden Oak Mellowed Beer
  • Cooperation with the Technical University of Munich, faculty for beer brewing


In the year 1308, the age when knight fought knight in armour; when Ludwig IV. ruled Bavaria, Drei Kronen Brauerei was founded in the small city of Strassgiech, near the famous castle “Giechburg” in Bavaria. Legend has it that it was in honour of this celebrated monarch - ruler of three domains - that the brewery took its name: “Drei Kronen Brauerei”.​

For centuries, this brewery has been distinguished through its appointment “Erbschänke” (heritage brewery), with the rare and ancient right to serve its beer in special Royal tankards – to king and countrymen alike. The secret of this noble beer was the time honoured art of oak mellowing.

Brauerei Drei Kronen is one of the oldest Breweries in the world. Dating back to “1308” it is the oldest “free appointed” brewery in the world as well as the oldest “heritage brewery” worldwide.​


Bavaria is world famous for its country side and rich history, for its culture, beer and its most famous “Gemütlichkeit” (cosiness & good nature), the city of Bamberg, world heritage city with more than 1000 years of history, Strassgiech and the “Drei Kronen” Brewery and all other famous historical sights of Bavaria create this wonderful tradition which can not be found anywhere else in the world.

The historical site of Drei Kronen 1308 Brewery & Restaurant in Bavaria still located in the small village of Strassgiech became the very first “Brauhaus & Restaurant” of Drei Kronen and was the origin of the Drei Kronen 1308 World Wide Concept which offers today: ‘Brewing Services, Consulting Services, Licenses and Franchise Systems’ on a worldwide basis.

International Awards

Drei Kronen beers have often been internationally awarded for excellent quality in the last years and decades.

Already in 1972, our Kronenbräu 1308 beer had won the international gold medal of the “International British Bottling Institute” in Amsterdam. In Brussels, our beers have won several gold medals at the “Monde Selection Competition”. The “Drei Kronen 1308 Brauhaus” Concept has been awarded with the titles: “Best Microbrewery in town” as well as with “Best Beer in Town” by leading magazines as well as Airlines.​