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November 09, 2016

Fürst Carl Bottled Beer Prodution

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Fushun, LiaoningProvince,P.R. China

October, 2016


Liaoning Tianhu Brewery Co. Ltd and 1308 Brewing Technology Co. Ltd announced the official signing of a license and brew service agreement between both legal entities. The contract has been signed in Fushun, Liaoning by both companies for the Bavarian beer brand “FÜRST CARL”.

Based on this licenseagreement;both teams will produce premium”FÜRST CARL” beers at Liaoning Tianhu Brewery Co. Ltd to serve theLiaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Inner Mongolia territories of the P.R. China .The production is scheduled to start immediately.

All beers will be produced under the supervision of the 1308 Brewing Technology Co. Ltd team of professionals and its Chief Brew Master for the P.R. China Mr. Torsten Pape.

This commitment ensures that “FÜRST CARL” beers -produced under this agreement -will fully adhere to Bavarian/German quality standards, produced with high quality and imported raw materials for the ultimate Bavarian beer experience.

President Chen Xin of Liaoning Tianhu Brewery Co. Ltd highlighted during his speech: “We are committed to produce premium “FÜRST CARL” beers -that will at all times meet the high quality standards our customers are asking for. We will use imported original Bavarian ingredients and with our partners experience and German know-how in brewing premium beers that meet the high Germanquality standards. This is what we stand for. Introducing German beer tradition to Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Inner Mongolia-produced at a modern brewery using the latest technologies and methods available.”

CEO Mr. Marco Sander of 1308 Brewing Technology Co. Ltd and his team of professional brew masters and technicians have been attending the signing ceremony. He added: FÜRST CARL Brewery in Bavaria,Germany and our team here in the P.R. China will continue this deep rooted Bavarian beer tradition also at the Tianhu Brewery in Liaoning. It is a privilege to represent such a well-renowned beer brandand we will grant all necessary support in terms of brewing methodology, brewing technique, raw-materials as well as full marketing support to make this project a successfor all parties involved.”

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For any further questions or required information please contact Mrs. Yin Yiwen, Communication & Marketing Director.