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Production & Partners

As the 1st Brew Master of “1308 Brewing Technology Beijing” I warmly welcome you. In my position, I personally stand and pledge together with my Brew Master colleagues for the high and consistent quality of our premium beers, brewed here in the P.R. China with our partners or at our own breweries. We proudly use for all our beers,  only the finest, high quality imported raw materials from Bavaria, Germany and the brewing water is subject to constant control and quality monitoring.
To brew Beers of the highest quality is our passion with heart and soul!
Prosit, Your  Torsten Pape
First Brew Master

Raw Materials

We have entered into a collaboration with Shanghai Beide Trading Co. Ltd. as our specialised partner for all our requirements regarding brewing raw materials. Shanghai Beide Trading Company is the accredited imorter and distributer for IREKS Malt and EISEMANN hops in the P.R. China. www.beidetrading.com

Fürst Carl Bottled Beer Production

Liaoning Tianhu Brewery Co. Ltd and 1308 Brewing Technology Co. Ltd announced the official signing of a license and brew service agreement between both legal entities. The contract has been signed in Fushun, Liaoning by both companies for the Bavarian beer brand “FÜRST CARL” www.tianhupijiu.com

Fürst Carl "Schloss Weisse"

Wheat Beer “Schloss Weisse”
IBU : 13             EBC: 12               °P   : 12,5   traditionally unfiltered beer with a light-to medium wheat aroma, which often is perceived as ‘bready’ can be present.No diacetyl or dimethyl. In addition, light citric acid and vanilla tones or a light aroma of chewing gum are present. A light hop note can also appear without being dominant.

Fürst Carl "Schloss Weisse Dunkel"

Dark Wheat Beer “Schloss Weisse Dunkel”            IBU : 13             EBC: 40              °P   : 12,8 Light copper brown to mahogany colour with a durable, sparkling and long-lasting white head and unfiltered. A light scent of finest hops partnered by a light to medium wheat aroma. Accompanied by distinct malt aromas which create rich notes of caramel, dark chocolate or coffee. The malt influence does not obscure the beer’s yeast character but instead helps to support it.